The Munro Society Archives

Since 2003 the Society has been depositing archive material in Perth and Kinross Archives, AK Bell Library, York Place, Perth, PH2 8EP. The catalogue of the full collection can be viewed on the online catalogue here.

A few examples of the material available :

The George Elliot Collection

Catalogue Reference ms254-2-4

The Munro Society archives holds three photograph albums created by G.G. Elliot comprising nearly 1000 black and white prints. Many of the photographs are of familiar scenes but they include views changed by hydro workings and other later developments. Included, also, are photographs of contemporary walkers and climbers. They cover the period 1927 to 1933. Elliot was recorded as Munroist Number 7 and compleated in 1938.

The Irvine Butterfield Collection

Catalogue Reference ms254-2-1-18

The library contains significant material from our first President Irvine Butterfield (1936-2009). The material includes background information and research for his books and much interesting correspondence.