Munro Legacy Exhibition

27 May 2024

The Society's "Munro Legacy" exhibition is not on display at the moment. It will next be displayed in Killin; dates to be announced in the Events section.    ...


AGM 2024

6 April 2024

The AGM took place at Birnam Arts Centre on Saturday 6th April 2024. Photo is of the new President and Honorary President and was taken by Charles Murray 33 members and three guests were present...


TMS Journal No. 6

31 May 2023

Published on 1st September 2022, this was the sixth journal of The Munro Society, marking the 20th anniversary of the Society and was the biggest and most varied Journal produced to date. There are...


Canine Completers

15 February 2022

Not all Munro completers are two-legged. As part of it's ongoing initiative to maintain an archive of material relating to Munros and Munroists, The Munro Society is pleased to launch the 'Can...


TMS Policy on the Protection of Scotland's Mountain Landscape

7 March 2020

At the Munro Society AGM in 2019 a new policy document was proposed, which would allow the Executive Committee to act on behalf of the membership in response to requests for TMS to make submissions on...


TMS Journal No. 5

7 March 2020

This is the fifth journal of The Munro Society with an eclectic mix of articles presented in six sections. Part 1 has a series of articles on The Munro Society and its activities since Journal No...


Scottish Parliament Debate

13 March 2019

In March 2019 a debate on the centenary of the death of Sir Hugh Munro took place in the Scottish Parliament (  Liz Smith MSP, herself a Munro ...


TMS Publication - 'Scaling the Heights'

14 November 2018

Ever since Hugh Munro drew up his Tables, there has been an interest in checking the heights of hills, not least by Munro himself using a pocket aneroid. With the advent of satellite GPS techno...


Small Hydro Schemes Survey

13 September 2017

The Munro Society is supportive of small hydro schemes and the green energy they produce. However, we have seen evidence that Contractors/Developers have not reinstated the access tracks and envi...


Munro Society Journal No. 4

17 December 2016

The Munro Society Journal No. 4 was sent out to members in December 2016. These can be purchased for £12 incl. p&p.  Content Editorial Bothy Poems - Roderick Manson Mun...