TMS Journal No. 5

7 March 2020

Journal Number 5

This is the fifth journal of The Munro Society with an eclectic mix of articles presented in six sections.
Part 1 has a series of articles on The Munro Society and its activities since Journal No. 4 was published in 2016.
Part 2 relates to Munro, his tables and their legacy, the 'List', Munro-ing, and a look at a contemporary of Munro - perhaps but for fortune, we might be climbing the Heddles, and we might have been The Heddle Society!
Part 3 is all about rounds, whether it be Munros, Corbetts, Grahams, Donalds, or a 'Full House', including a hill-autobiography of our late President, David Batty. Completions by young and not so young, completions never intended, a canine completion, a completion that went badly wrong just a few hundred metres from the car park, and a record running completion. There's even some Marilyn madness and a touch of nostalgia thrown in.
Part 4 gives accounts of moon walks, winter camps, silence and that great mountain range furth of Scotland that is East Anglia!
Part 5 has more weighty matters, looking at avalanche assessment, the mountain environment and how it is changing. 
Part 6 looks at mountains abroad: in Canada, the Himalaya, the USA and, to round things off nearer to home, Norway.
The Journal also celebrates the highly successful Munro Legacy Exhibition (which continues to tour the country in 2020) and provides a permanent record of it in Appendix 2.
In addition we have selected eight poems by the late Tom Rix, who was a founder member, and committee member, of TMS, and throughout the Journal, shorts on members' first and last Munros.
There are also many phographs to accompany the text, as well as a series of photographs of or from our iconic island hills, and the Editorial Team hopes that you will find this all an enjoyable and interesting read.

The price of Journal No.5 is £10 plus p&p. Copies can be purchased by contacting: 

Copies of the Journal, along with TMS 'Scaling the Heights'  will also be available at most venues of the Munro Legacy Exhibition Roadshow - see 'Events'.