Scottish Parliament Debate

13 March 2019

Munro Debate Scottish Parliament

In March 2019 a debate on the centenary of the death of Sir Hugh Munro took place in the Scottish Parliament (  Liz Smith MSP, herself a Munro completer, opened the session with a brief description of Sir Hugh’s life, the Munro Tables and his legacy. She commented on how Sir Hugh could have had little idea how much influence he would exert on later generations of walkers and climbers, with his name becoming synonymous with these mountains. She also talked about her own experiences as a Munroist.  In conclusion it was emphasised how important it was to pass on his great legacy to the young people today; that climbing Munros brought both enjoyment and responsibility to oneself and others; and that it was important to respect and assist all those that preserve and enhance Sir Hugh’s great legacy in caring for the environment. The latter was a reference to people repairing paths, looking after mountain bothies, mountain rescue teams etc.

Five more MSPs – Emma Harper, Murdo Fraser, Jenny Marra, Andy Wightman and finally the Minister of Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment, Mairi Gougeon all contributed to the debate.

It was pleasing that Liz Smith also mentioned the Munro Society and made some complementary comments about the Munro Legacy Exhibition, which she had visited several days before. Four members of TMS and Hugh William Munro (who should shortly become the first Hugh Munro to complete the Munros) attended the debate and were very kindly invited afterwards to a drinks reception.