Vayjen: Robert H MacDonald

Beinn Fionnlaidh, 26th April 1987
Ben More (Mull) 16th August 1990
Beinn Fhionnlaidh 25th December 1992
Beinn Fhionnlaidh 1st November 1995

One day a local farmer was delivering his milk and told me his bitch had had a litter and if I cared to call, I could perhaps relieve him of a pup.

This was how Vayjen and I were introduced. Her first night must have been quite an ordeal, to be put in a kennel with a complete stranger. However, the 2 were the best of friends despite the odd disagreement in which Kerranan always came out on top.

She was a very placid dog; I can't recall ever hearing her growl. At the summit cairn she knew to expect a date and then all that remained for her was to put her muzzle between my legs and snuggle up as close as she could and for me to give her a cuddle. Despite her apparent softness she was a tough old cookie, she had to be considering her achievements. 

She was with me when I completed my 5th Round, and her 4th, in November 1995. Sadly, it was the last hill she ever went up, she passed away just prior to Christmas. 

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