Kerranan: Robert H MacDonald

Beinn Fionnlaidh, 26th April 1987

In Spring 1985 I was alerted by an advert in the Farmers Guardian that there were some Border Collies for sale in The Trough of Bowland. I went to the farm, paid the asking price, £5, and came home with a ball of black and white fluff. That first night she slept outside in a kennel I had sorted and that's where she spent her whole life.

For most of her life she had Vayjen as a companion and for a short period Misgeach too, but she was the boss, she only needed to growl and the others immediately came to heel.

Staying in the Lairig Leacach bothy a farmer/shepherd turned up, she was lying by the door and never moved. ‘Nice dog you've got there’ he said and was he impressed by the fact that she didn't budge. But I had told her to stay and she wouldn't move till I gave the command. He asked me to show him what she could do after which he made me an offer of £250 for her, but I told him, ‘Sorry she's not for sale.’

A late friend once described her as ‘cavalier’. Sadly she lost her life on Meall Corranaich in March 1989.

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